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I’ve enjoyed exploration all my life. New experiences, opportunities, or even new perspectives on a path I’ve been down before in years past are what keep me going forward. That drive to find something new led me from a small town to the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, to UNC-Chapel Hill, and now to where I am today. 

Nowadays, I work as a full time Graphic & Web Designer and pursue freelance clients and art projects in my free time. Although I was only formally trained in graphic design with the adobe suite, I began experimenting with other programs like Clip Studio Paint and Procreate to get learn drawing & digital painting, which have led to some of my favorite projects lately. In the future, I’m planning to do some work with Character Animation and potentially 3d modeling! 

Some of my favorite subjects to work with come from music & video games, and I hope to get the opportunity to incorporate those into my work more professionally in the future!