Select Page                  (2021 Redesign)

Over the course of my employment with Esquire Advertising, I have managed most of the aspects of the website from general upkeep to a full redesign which I worked on for several months early in my time with the company. 

Over the course of the redesign process, I looked to various sites for inspiration on the general layout and structure of the site, and looked into a recent trend at the time of “neumorphic” design inspired on the skeuomorphism trends of the late 2000s and early 2010s in the sense that it sought to convey the appearance of an analog object on a digital screen. Unlike skeuomorphism, in which a designer may look to recreate a realistic-looking TV, the goal of neumorphism is to make the interface itself look real using soft shadows amongst other techniques. This can be seen in some of the examples within the carousel, where buttons and indents are made to look three-dimensional. 

While I was enjoying experimenting with this new style, my research also led me to the discovery that neumorphism, while looking nice, is incredibly inaccessible due to the subtlety of some of the shadows you may seen on examples across the internet. To maintain this style but fix the issue, i increased the intensity of shadows and made sure text was always in high contrast with the background. This preserved much of the three dimensional, realistic look, while making the site more disability friendly. One of the auspices of this style is that it lends itself to simplicity, allowing me to generate pages and new site content with relative ease and spend more time designing quality illustrations to accompany the site.

The site follows a relatively simple structure – from the home page, most routes will lead users to an about page, a services/technology page (our method), resources, industries, or contact. All main destinations aside from contact are designed to funnel users towards the contact page as well, as the ultimate goal is to acquaint potential clients with our work, sell them on our expertise, and push them to reach out to us.