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Godlike Judgement

I started this project in the spring of 2021, inspired by the Deep Stone Crypt, a raid from Destiny 2. This was my first big project involving digital drawing, and I wanted to make a high-quality poster/art print style illustration.

The name of the piece is derived from a quote delivered by the central figure in the illustration, an AI which housed the mind of a brilliant but megalomaniacal scientist from years past. As we tear through his facility, The Deep Stone Crypt, destroying vestiges of his life’s work in the process, he delivers us one final warning: “You now face godlike judgement, may it extend eternally”.

The robot head (see the first image of the carousel below) was the first and most important part of the poster, as a big part of this project was about learning and practicing shading techniques, and the multifaceted metal face and details of the head was a perfect playground for this purpose.

I started by sketching out the general outlines and then proceeded piece by piece, shading every segment of the head (Carousel images 2 & 3). Part of the challenge here was achieving realistic shading in black and white while also differentiating between the different materials of the head – the whiter metal plating on the outside, the gray framework inside, and everything between.

I repeated the same general process for the hooded figure next, albeit much quicker since it is essentially one large sheet with some creases and shading to illustrate the humanoid figure beneath the fabric (Carousel Images 4 & 5).

With the two main graphic elements completed, I just needed to assemble the rest of the assets I’d want to use. I started with an image of Europa (Carousel Image 6), which I fed into some photoshop filters to adjust ever so slightly.  Next, I used a space/stars texture overlay to create a dense, detailed background (Carousel Image 7). Finally, I retrieved some relevant symbols from the game to accent the piece (Carousel Images 8 & 9) and put everything together! This was definitely one of the most time consuming but rewarding projects I pursued post-graduation.