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JULIA. Merch Package

One of my close friends is in a funk-rock band named JULIA. In December 2021, in anticipation of their debut album release, they reached out to me for help designing some merchandise for an album release show and potential tour. Initially, the plan was a poster design, t-shirt, and sticker, although the sticker ended up not materializing in the final product.

Since I did this project for free (mostly – I got a free shirt!) I wanted to keep things simple and easy to adjust, saving longer and more in-depth illustrations for the future. But that doesn’t mean I wanted to rush it or make it low quality – so I stuck with simple but effective illustrations for the shirt/sticker and a colorful, cartoonish look for the poster, fitting in with their “intergalactic funk” vibe.

Below is a carousel with some of the various assets and designs i played with throughout the process.