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Pureglow – Amazon & Web Assets

In late 2022, I began assisting the team at Pure Glow with getting their brand established – primarily on their own website and Amazon. Pureglow is a kaolin & bentonite clay facemask brand whose product is infused with a unique array of botanicals. Learn more about their products at the link below! 

Initially, I was mainly helping this client manage their website and rearranged/designed sections under their explicit direction while managing some of the general Shopify functionality and plugins. As the project progressed, I also made a large array of creative assets for their Amazon page, which gave me a bit more free reign to get creative and apply their branding in newer, more creative ways (see carousel below).

I concluded most of my work on this project in early 2023. As of 2024, it seems that Pureglow is no longer selling on Amazon, and primarily manages things from their Shopify website.

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