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In June of 2020, I was employed for a temporary position with a nationwide co-ed sports/social club, ClubWAKA. Although I was initially hired for design work, they had me work with another employee on designing several websites for the company. The most significant website I worked on was the website for their annual Las Vegas festival. 

Whereas most of my other work had been focused on the sports aspect of ClubWAKA, this was all about the partying aspect and capturing that as best as possible. The one issue, however, was the fact that I’d been assigned this site with just one week left in my employment. Facing an intense time crunch, I worked tirelessly with my coworker to make sure it got done on time. He took the lead on more of the back end work and general structure, while I led the way on the design in most cases.

To achieve the vibrant, energetic atmosphere of the weekend-long party that is Wakapalooza, I went with a set of bright blues, purples, and pinks that really pop out at the viewer. I used angled sections to highlight that same feel and give the site a more stylized edge. Most of the content on the site has been refined and edited by the Clubwaka staff now that my work’s been completed, but my coworker and I created preliminary versions of all pages with our own copy while implementing a few systems to make it easy for less WordPress savvy individuals to come back and edit it with ease.